Towards a more logical, legal, and natural Long Island

It is amazing. Long Island has a population of 7.7 million. It is the largest island in the 48 contiguous U.S. states. It is the most populated island in any U.S. state or territory.

Long Island is the 17th most populous island in the world, ahead of Ireland, Sicily, and Jamaica, and with a far smaller area than any of these islands.

Yet Long Island, which has to play second fiddle to New York City and New York State politically, also has to play second fiddle to New York City on the Internet as well, since the later, with only slightly more people, will soon have a .NYC geoTLD, but Long Island doesn't even have a separate identity from either New York City or New York State on the Internet.

Well, I don't recognise Kings or Queens counties as even a part of New York City, and what makes New York City any less artificial as a city, and Sealand any more artificial as an island? I don't understand it. They are both made up of a lot of reinforced concrete! It all seems very arbitrary, more like "I'm right because I'm part of the powers that be", than something more clearly legitimate or rational.

If you refuse to accept the dogmatic belief that you were born in New York City, can saying "I was born on Long Island" be any less problematic, if some Long Islanders believe only Eastern Long Island is "Long Island", while Western Long Islanders mostly believe they are part of "the City". What makes these beliefs any more or less correct than my own?

Well, if Sealand isn't a legitimate island, with all the rights of a real island, then New York City cannot be a legitimate city, with all the rights of a real city.

If I wasn't born "in" New York City, I wasn't born "on" Long Island either, and even people who believe only Eastern Long Island is the real Long Island don't say, to be grammatically consistent, that after leaving the New York City areas of Kings and Queens from their jobs, they are going home "in" Long Island, but "on" Long Island, which is not only bad English, but plain bullshit as well, since all the counties of Kings, Queens, Nassau and Suffolk are on Long Island, and you have to be pretty phoney to believe otherwise, because no bridge connects these, and no toll can be charged either.

No, I wasn't born "in" New York City; I wasn't born "on" Long Island; and I wasn't born in New York State either.

I was born "in" Winnecomac, a separate place from New York City, but which may be connected to New York City's entirely artificial commerce by bridges of steel:

I was born "on" Winnecomac as well, a special island:

And let me make this clear. I am not a Native New Yorker, any way you look at the word New York (as a city or state), and since I'm a Native of Winnecomac, and a Native American as well by adoption, and by natural inclination, today I can even show evidence that I was born in Winnecomac, North America:

I hope many people who were also born in Winnecomac, North America, will begin to think logically, legally, and naturally, and will leave all those GMO thoughts in the Western (or Roman) civilisation wastebasket, where they belong! If Sealand is not a legitimate island under international law, then New York City is not a legitimate city!

HMRD Cesidio Tallini [1, 2]